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About the Megasite

The West Memphis Megasite provides an ideal space for any large company looking to expand their facilities in the Southeast. Combining a central location, access to all types of freight, local utilities, and above all, lower costs compared to similar locations, the WMMS has everything you need to take your business to the next level.

The site is comprised of approximately 1,420 contiguous acres and is privately owned by two families, both lifelong residents of the area. Having been used as farmland for 60+ years, there are no wetland issues and the entire site is flat, generally with less than five feet of elevation change. The north side of the site is bounded by a large, earthen drainage ditch; the west side has truck route frontage; a railroad corridor is currently under development along the east side, and other farmlands are found to the south of the site. Both road and rail service could be extended to fit your company’s needs.



Located in the nation’s logistics heart and just a two-day truck drive from 75% of the nation’s population centers. Less than 3 miles from both I-40 and I-55.


Direct access to the following train companies: Union Pacific, Burlington Northern, Santé Fe, Canadian National, CSX, and Norfolk Southern.


FedEx SuperHub just 30 minutes away.


Within three miles of the Port of West Memphis, the only deepwater river port in the area.


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Capable of meeting large electrical, gas, and water needs. Located near CenterPoint Energy, a new Wastewater Pump Station. Served by West Memphis Utilities, a city owned utility company that has partnered with two power plants allowing for about 25% lower electrical rates than other area providers.

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Environmentally friendly. Full studies on Phase I, endangered species, cultural resources, and floodplain issues available upon request.

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Privately owned property but under option to City of West Memphis.

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Government Relations

Good relationship with local political administration. Leaders are business friendly and offer streamlined permitting processes.

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Operating Cost

At least $0.50 less expensive per square foot than similar sites in North Mississippi and Memphis.

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1 ISO Fire Rating, guaranteeing lowest fire insurance rates possible. Only one of 60 communities in United States have a 1 rating.

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Property taxes about 50% lower than other sites.

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Zone Status

Eligible for FTZ sub-zone status. West Memphis is administrator of FTZ #273.





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The West Memphis Megasite offers a standard low-volume gas supply, with natural gas provided by CenterPoint Energy. The site also offers access to a nearby high-volume transmission line, providing manufacturing opportunities for a wide range of products from plastics to fertilizer.

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Water service to the site is provided by West Memphis Utilites Water System, a closed loop system with 7 water towers and 1 million gallons of excess capacity. The site area is served by both an 8-inch and 12-inch main. Water lines can be extended to the site as needed.

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The Wastewater Treatment Plant operated by West Memphis Utilities has a 7-million-gallon capacity. Current usage is 4.6 million gallons. A new wastewater pump station served the area with 550 gpm capacity, and is currently at less than 10 percent capacity. A new pump station/force main can be constructed and routed from the site as needed.

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West Memphis Utilities is considered an electric provider because of city ownership of positions in two power plants. A significant portion of the city’s electrical needs come directly from the power plants, resulting in power rates that are about 25% lower than any other provider in the Memphis area. Existing power lines to the site provide 13.8 kV. West Memphis Utilities is prepared to construct a 500 kV sub-station nearby and transmission lines will be exteneded to site as needed.


To arrange a site visit or request a proposal, contact West Memphis' Director of Economic Development, Phillip Sorrell.

Office of Economic Development205 S. Redding | West Memphis, Arkansas 72303(870) 732-7500 | psorrell@citywm.com

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